Unit 9

9.3.2 Reflect on Product and Progressions

When progressing to my final major project I plan to continue using WordPress as it is interactive and easy to navigate. Since the design of the webzine is what will attract people to the site and is what they first see, I plan to experiment with the overall design of the webzine as well as colour schemes and fonts. Hopefully by doing this, my webzine will appeal to the target audience.

Currently, I plan to use a range of multimedia including: reviews, podcasts videos, photography, features and listicles. By doing this, my webzine will appeal to a wider audience and will make my webzine more appealing.

By doing some audience research in advance, I will be able to see what type or media is most likely to target my audience, and then produce more of the popular style of media. To help with this as I progress through my final major project, I will be using analytics so that I can see what type of media and what topic is most popular and then adjust my work. As well as using analytics, I will be using social media as a marketing technique for my webzine, mainly focusing on Twitter. By using Twitter, I can use hashtags which will help reach a wider audience. I will also be using social media to communicate with my webzine readers as well as the comments section on my posts.


One thing that went well was the whole research behind the webzine and creating the mood boards and looking into other websites. Also, designing the whole webzine with fonts and colour schemes went well.

However, choosing a theme and making the site didn’t go so well and I had to do a lot of trial and error as I did’t know what theme would look good. I also struggled with creating things to  help navigate around the website.







9.3.1 Evaluate Product and Production of Webzine

The theme for my project was entertainment including books, films and music. Since starting the project my ideas for the project have changed, one way being what topics to cover. Initially I was going to keep it about books and films, but I decided to include music so that it would reach a wider audience. My ideas have also developed quite a lot as I started the project with idea of doing just articles, however now I want to include podcasts, videos etc.

When researching existing webzines I looked at a range of webzines because at the start I didn’t know what theme I wanted to base mine on. Once I decided on the theme of my webzine, I looked at Empire Magazine’s webzine and took screenshots of the parts of the website that I liked. To narrow down my search into each individual topic I wanted to cover I looked at a book website (Goodreads) to see if I could get inspiration for logos and layout. Looking back I think I could have researched more entertainment webzines and looked into other topical webzines to see what content they create and the layouts of the sites.

During this project my design skills have developed as I had to choose a layout for my webzine, pick a name and then design the whole site. Also, having to design the whole webzine independently and having to navigate around the site allowed me to develop my ability to use WordPress. My feature writing skills have also developed as I have had to write numerous articles including feature and listicles.

Having now completed the project, I wish I had done a little more research into webzines and the designing of a webzine. Also, I would have liked to have explored other types of media and how I could use them to make my webzine more interactive.


In my opinion, my webzine does meet the specification as I created a webzine aimed at 16-24 year olds.

When I started to upload content and customizing the webzine, I found the theme a little limited as it didn’t have many options to personalize the site. However, I still managed to publish content and made it fit for use.

9.2.2 Webzine Production Stage


As I know I want to create an entertainment webzine, I decided to look at other entertainment webzines first. I mainly looked at Empire magazine as it is well known and popular, but also looks like what I want mine to look like.

With this entertainment webzine I like how it is quite neutral with the white, but also has accents of red and black. When creating my webzine I would like to use this but not have red and white. I also like the film star rating section as it includes all recent film releases. I may also use this idea in my own webzine.


To widen my research I decided to look into the specific genres that I want to include

Production of Webzine

I first started by adding a theme. I decided on Genie as it is simple and looks like a webzine.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 13.39.54.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-14 at 13.44.53.png

I also added a dummy logo as this is only a test site, not my real webzine. I did this by selecting a copyright free image and adding it to the logo section of the general settings.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 13.25.50.png

For my webzine I wanted to have a section where I could categorise blog posts by their genre.  To do this I created a menu and added categories so that when I write a blog post, I can select the category I want it to be in.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also wanted a section where I have my archive, so I added a side bar.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 13.30.43.png


9.2.1 Plan, Develop Own Webzine and Digital Sketchbook



To help me get inspiration for my webzine I created numerous mood boards for logos, fonts and masthead designs.



I also made a Pinterest board of colour schemes, logos etc to help me when designing my webzine. After doing this research I realised that I want my logo to be quite geometric as I think it looks good but also appeals to the target audience.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 14.04.43.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-14 at 14.04.35.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 14.23.38.png

After looking at logos I now know that I want to try and make a geometric style logo as they would suit my theme of entertainment and are really interesting. Also, out of all the logos I looked at, I preferred the more geometric style.

Also, after making boards for colour schemes and researching what colour schemes entertainment, I decided to use black and white for the main colour, but then include an accent colour.

As for fonts, I quite like the look of Prism and Vibe, as well as Cinema because they suit my theme and look the best.


After looking at logos and deciding on a geometric design, I created a mood board of some geometric logos that I designed. Out of the five designs I like the top two the most as they look the most professional.


I also brainstormed some ideas for a webzine name.



To help plan what articles I could write for my webzine.






9.1.2 Webzine Interpretation

Researching into webzines has helped me decide on what type of webzine I want to create. After completing the research, I have decided to make my webzine based around the genre of entertainment including films, books and potentially music.

Over the past unit, I have analysed webzines, including what they are and the characteristics of them, and am going to be using this knowledge to help create my own.

From my research, I have learnt that websites tend to use big buttons to navigate around the site as they are easier to use on smaller devices. I plan to take this on board when it comes to making my website. I have also learnt that websites have fixed content, this is where the older content is stored in an archive and can still be accessed by readers. I think this is a good idea and am going to add an archive to my website.

Another aspect of a website I plan to replicate in my work is the use of categories to help people find specific pieces or type of content. I thought this characteristic would be quite helpful to readers as I have different types of content from features to videos, so the readers could select the category they want and not have to search for it. This idea will also help with the overall organisation of the website.

To further my research, I decided to look at how online magazines have designed their sites to get inspiration for my own site. From this task, I learnt that some online magazine use sidebars to add more information. I thought that this idea would work really well with my own website as I could use the sidebar for social media buttons and my archive.

For inspiration for my logo I looked at other logos for companies and websites and decided what I did and didn’t like about them and will use that research to help me great a logo that represents my webzine and that I like.


Lesson Evaluation

Since our online magazine will be featuring multimedia content, videos and audio, we spent a lesson creating a promotional video. For the lesson we were set the task to create a 30 second video about the Hillsborough college including interviews and snippets of the college.

For my video I chose to set it out as a sort of tour of the college by going up to a floor in the lift, then cutting to a room on that floor, and then walk up or down the stairs to the next area of the college. I also chose to take longer clips of video so that I could use different parts of the clip in my video, e.g. walking into the canteen to a shot of the canteen to walking outside.

9.1 Webzines Research

Webzine – A webzine is a website which contains the kind of articles, pictures and advertisements that you would find in a magazine.

Some online magazines distributed through the World Wide Web call themselves webzines. An ezine (also spelled e-zine) is a more specialized term appropriately used for small magazines and newsletters distributed by any electronic method.

What is the difference between a blog and a webzine/online magazine?

Blogs tend to include more informal writing, especially opinion writing. They also emphasis a personal relationship between the writer and the readers. Blogs also limit the number of stories on the front page. Online magazines are designed so that multiple stories are highlighted on the front page or the site. Both types of online publications can have multiple writers, although bloggers tend to emphasise engagement more than magazine writers.

Also with a b




Characteristics of a Webzine

Here is a link to a webzine template. All webzine templates are similar as they all use blocks for each individual post/article so when you are using a different type of device, e.g. a phone, it looks the exact same but smaller, it means it is responsive. If a webzine used different shapes to display there articles, it would transfer onto other devices and look identical to the other versions, for example a computer to a phone.

Webzine templates have features including videos, slideshows etc. Since webzines can be used on different sized devices, e.g. laptops, tablets and phones, a lot of the templates don’t have small buttons for the articles, they tend to use big images. This is because when you are using a small device, you can’t click and navigate around the site easily. Because they use bigger images they use retina graphics. This means taking a large image with double the amount of pixels as the image the will be displayed as, and then setting the image to fill half the space.

The content on a webzine can be fixed meaning it will always be there. An example of a non-fixed is shopping websites, they are continually refreshing there content and you can’t find a item of clothing that they were selling 10 years ago.




Webzines tend to use categories that the articles are put into so you can find articles easier. With a physical magazine it would be a lot more time consuming when looking for articles that interest you. To also make it easier to find articles that interest you, online magazine tend to have search bars. Online magazines also havScreen Shot 2016-09-16 at 11.04.18.pnge a subscribe/follow icon so you can follow them on social media or subscribe to the magazine so you get updates on new articles.

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 11.08.32.png


Online magazines also tend to have a clickable side bar that has different article categories as well as other parts of the webzine site.






Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 11.21.51.png


Different magazines use different layouts, for example, Net-A-Porter use a grid layout for the homepage.





 Webzine Logo Research


I like the simplicity of this logo as it doesn’t distract you, there isn’t too much going on. Also, the colours used resemble what the site is about and aren’t too out there. It also shows relevance to the website. I also like the font being it is basic and goes with the logo.




Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 09.45.58.png

I also like this one because the font is easy to read and uses simple colours. Furthermore, I like the overall design of the logo because it is relevant to the site and is eye catching without being over the top.Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 09.46.19.png




I don’t like this one because you can’t really read the font. Also, there is too much going off in the image. Furthermore, I don’t like the lack of colour because it doesn’t draw your eye as much.



Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 10.13.00.png


I like this font because it is minimal but not a cliche and standard font like Arial. Since it is quite simplistic, I could add colours and an image to make it more eye catching.


Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 10.19.08.png

I like how this font looks like calligraphy and professional. I also like how it looks complicated but you can still read it. I would like to replicate this font for my site.

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 11.09.52.png


I wouldn’t want to use this font because it wouldn’t match my webzine theme. Also, it is a little hard to read.


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