What I have learnt today

In my first production lesson since starting college I have learnt a great deal to do with journalism. We started off with the five W’s of writing a piece (who, what, where, when, why). We even read through an issue of Metro and summarised stories that caught our eye, using the five W’s. We then read through small articles and played spot the intro, where we had to find the most interesting part. Finally we read a story and created one sentence paragraphs including all the important and relevant information.

My One Sentence Paragraphs

A Sheffield vampire couple have made an unique request for a double coffin bed.

The coffin is made from oak and comes equipped with a memory foam mattress and red silk lining.

The couple, from Beauchief Sheffield, were measured from head – toe to fit into the £2000 bed.

It has been something they have always wanted and have saved up for over a year for the special request.

The couple, Justin and Marcia, had fangs fitted two years by their dentist and changed their surnames from Evans to Dracule.

I was careful not to include numbers. names or addresses in my first paragraph. but included it further down.

My Five W’s Summaries

Mayday! Mayday!

Chris Henkey ’63’. Saved 172 lives, when  he aborted take-off from McCarran International Airport on Tuesday.

Camerawoman sacked for tripping up and kicking refugees

Petra Laszlo,camerawoman at NITV, tripped up a Syrian refugee, whom was carrying  a child, and kicked a girl as they tried to cross the Serbia-Hungary border to seek asylum.


Why I chose Journalism and Social Media

Hi, I’m Jess.

From a young age I have wanted to be a journalist and grew a passion for writing and English, so when it came to picking a college and a course, I thought that this course would be perfect for me. After experiencing my first day at college, I am amazed by just the amount of job roles that are to do with journalism and excited to see what this course has to hold.

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