– Centre Name – The Sheffield College

Centre Number – 36510

Student  Name – Jessica Bradley

Student Number – 82825

Pathway – Journalism and Social Media Communications


From using different types of software such as Muse and WordPress as well as producing videos, photos and article, I have developed my writing and photography skills. I will use WordPress for my Final Major Project because I feel more comfortable with this software compared to Muse and I have more experience with it than others.

Project Concept

My digital portfolio will target 16-24 year olds with an interest in films and books. I plan to create features about time relevant topics related to entertainment.

For my portfolio, I am going to produce features, podcasts, videos and photo journalism pieces, for example, an article on Book to Movie Adaptations. I have already made this article however, I plan to improve it and change the angle to suit my final major project.

My unit 9 and unit 10 work  will influence the design of the website and the quality of the content. I researched and evaluated the characteristics and design of webzines, and spent unit 10 producing content to practice my writing skills.

The work I completed for unit 12 will impact on my final major project as well because I found out that social media is incredibly popular with journalists because they can reach a wider audience of people. This will impact my work because I plan on using social media to interact with my audience.

The research sources I plan to use are social media, the internet and my interviewees. I will need access to a Mac or PC as well as a camera (although I can use a phone) for the photojournalism pieces and a microphone to record podcasts and audio.

To avoid professional and ethical issues, I will make sure that I take my own photos to accompany my articles or use copyright free images. Also, I will avoid plagiarism whilst carrying out my research for content. As my website isn’t news based, not a lot of laws apply to me including contempt of court and defamation. However, I need to consider interviewing under 18s/


I plan to use both peer and tutor feedback to help develop my work throughout the entire project this includes focus groups. At the conclusion of my project, I plan to look back at my brief and see how my finished product meets the requirements.

I intend to use a production diary to track changes and decisions I make throughout the project. This allows me to evaluate my work easily by seeing what changes I made and how they benefited the finished product. I plan to write up what I have done each day of both researching and production. To keep up to date, I intend to update it whenever I make a change, source a story or progress with the project. I also plan to make notes if I get an idea when my production diary isn’t to hand.

Action Plan & Timetable

Over the next twelve weeks, I am going to spend most of my time creating my website and the content I will publish on the site. For the first few weeks of the project I will focus my time on researching ideas for my website design including colour scheme, fonts and layout. I will also be researching ideas for content to publish on my site.
Since I need to create at least nine pieces of content such as articles, podcasts and videos, I hope to spend most of my time planning, sourcing and creating content. Also, I plan to set time aside each week to keep up to date with my production diary.
Throughout the project, I am going to continue planning and researching by spending a small amount of time each week gathering information for my content. Along with this, I am going to continuously update my bibliography with each new source that I find.

To help keep track of my time for the project and what I do each week, I have created a calendar on Excel where I can easily add in tasks I have done that day and plan when I intend to do task.

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Proposed Research Sources & Bibliography

To source my stories I intend to use the internet and social media. To do a wider search for content ideas I also plan to look at blogs.


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