For my specialist study I chose to study the changing role of a journalist. To carry out my research on the subject I chose to use books for my academic sources and websites/online articles for my cultural sources. In this report I will be evaluating the usefulness of my sources.

I hypothesise that the role of a journalist has changed due to digitalisation over the last few decades, changing journalism from predominately print to both print and digital.

To start off my academic research I decided to pick Journalism Studies The Basics (Conboy, 2013) because when I researched what the book included, it had a section on technology which I thought would potentially have something relevant to my topic. From this book I managed to find two quotes that would potentially help me with my specialist study. I found this book really useful as it helped me learn the basics of the role of a journalist as well as how it began to change. It was also a good starting point for my research as it gave me a basic understanding on the topic.

I then decided to look at a book specifically about online journalism to see what being an online journalist entails. For this I chose The Online Journalism Handbook (Bradshaw, Rohumaa, 2011). I found this book really useful and ended up getting several quotes from throughout the book. This book was useful because it not only had things from someone’s perspective, but also had timelines of journalism so that I could see how things have developed throughout time and when it happened.

Finally, I looked at Journalism : Principles and Practice 3rd Edition (Harcup, 2015). I initially thought this book wouldn’t be useful, however after reading through the contents and index pages,  I managed to find a section that would potentially help me with my specialist study. This book showed me how journalism has changed but also gave an in detail description on how it had changed.

I then found an abstract from the book The Changing Role of a Journalist (Murphy, 2015). I found the abstract slightly useful as I managed to get a quote from the abstract and it was relevant and up to date. However, since it was only a short piece of text, I didn’t get a lot of information out of it.

For a cultural source I looked online for any articles on digitization of journalism or the changing role of a journalist. During my search I came across an article in The Guardian by David Marsh on how the digital age has rewritten the role of journalism.`I found this source quite useful because not only did it give me information on the topic, but it was written from a journalist’s perspective. I also found a article called The Internet and It’s Effects on Journalism. I found this article really useful because it talked about digitization of journalism, but also gave negative and positive effects of it.

In conclusion, I think all my sources were really helpful because they gave me a further understanding into the changing role of a journalist and into how the digitization of journalism has effected the role. Also, using both academic and cultural sources gave me an understanding of the subject but also gave it from someone’s perspective.


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