An Investigation Into The Changing Role Of A Journalist 



By choosing to do an investigation of the changing role of  a journalist for my specialist study, I will be looking into how journalism began and how it has changed from being predominately print to being taken over by digitalisation. I will also be looking into how journalism companies use the digital platform to reach a wider audience.

I hypothesise that the role of a journalist has changed due to digitalisation over the last few decades, changing journalism from predominately print to both print and digital.

I will be using books from the college library for academic research including books . I will also look into doing primary research by interviewing someone who is related to the industry, e.g. a journalist.


Covering this topic for my specialist study will help me with my final  major project because will show me how a physical copy of a magazine is changed to suit a different media platform.

For my final major project I am going to make my webzine based around entertainment. I will be creating content based around books, films.  My webzine will target any gender and mainly 16-24 year olds.

This specialist study will help me understand how the role of a journalist has changed but also how my role has changed as journalist has changed as it is mainly online. From studying this topic I hope to see how journalism has progressed from print to digital and the differences between the two.

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