By Jessica Bradley

Nowadays a lot more books are being turned into films. However, does that deem the film better than the book?

Lauren Siddy, fan of The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins said: “if the film is done well and things from the book is actually included then I like the adaptations. However, they’re not great when they don’t stick to the story of the book.”

What forms a lot of peoples opinions is down to who plays the characters in the film and how attached the person is to the book. Some people become so attached to the book that they will not even go and watch the film because it could potentially ruin the book.

Abbie Akers, lover of the book Me Before You by Jojo Moyes said: “the book is obviously better. I think it was a good adaptation, but I preferred the book.”

It is not just book to film adaptations though, it is also comic books to films. A lot of people become incredibly attached to comics and become very critical when it comes to the film adaptations.

Liam Flahery, comic fanatic said: “there is a good motive behind it, bringing something to life such as a comic. However, although it can be satisfying seeing our favourite characters come to life, it can also be upsetting when the finished product is not as good as the book or comic.”

A lot of comic book/ graphic novel fans were left disappointed after Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice wasn’t up to scratch. It was too highly CGI’ed and was badly put together.