For unit 10 I had to produce copy for my portfolio and The Star Project. This included a minimum of five news articles, two photojournalism pieces, a blog, a media package and a review. Although that was all we had to do, I chose to produce more copy so that I had more articles to work with for my final major project. In this report I am going to explore how professional my portfolio was written and sourced. This includes the copy, photos taken to accompany the copy, interviews. I will also critically evaluate my portfolio and explain its strengths and weaknesses.

Creating the portfolio allowed me to learn how different the types of journalistic writing is – news, features, photojournalism and online. Journalists tend to write differently depending on the type of copy they need to produce. If they were writing a news story then they would use formal language and mainly talk about the key facts of an event, where as if they were to write a feature, they would use informal or formal language – depending on the audience.  With photojournalism they wouldn’t need to write as much as they would for a feature or news story, they would only need to write a image caption and then a 50-100 word article to accompany the image. A journalist can use the same story and use it to write all different types of copy –  news, feature and photojournalism – but adapt it to fit the type of copy.

To source my stories I interviewed my peers and people who were had an opinion on about the topic, but I also made sure that it wasn’t just one sided. I also used YouTube videos to get peoples opinion on topics without an interview in case they didn’t want to be interviewed or didn’t respond to my questions. To get a further understanding into the subject I used websites and social media, depending on the topic of the article. When choosing what articles to write I decided to create something that I could use in my final major project, but also something I was passionate about/interested in.

To choose which articles to write I brainstormed all my ideas and then chose one at a time. I took into consideration my own personal interests, but then thought about how I could tailor it to my audience so that it would interest them. For certain articles, like the film reviews, I decided to choose films that I enjoyed but also films that were heard of and were popular.

Before writing my articles I planned out when I would want them to be completed by, so that I could have enough time to edit and add images or multimedia to them. I also planned when to do my interviews and who I would do them with beforehand.

After looking at my copy, I think they have a lot of strengths and weaknesses. One weakness would be that some of the articles were hard to have a relevant photo to accompany it. Also, the media package video was filmed the wrong way, portrait instead of landscape.

A strength would be the range of topics I covered from beauty to films and books. Another strength would be how the copy is written. In my opinion, the articles are written quite professionally. I also think that exceeding the amount of copy that was asked is a strength because it shows that I planned my time for each article well and didn’t miss the deadline. Although, this can also be seen as a weakness because some of the articles weren’t as good a quality and lacked images. If I had stuck to the amount asked for, then I could have had a photo or some form of media to accompany the article.

A problem I faced when creating my copy was with thinking of photos that could accompany my film reviews. To over come this I brainstormed ideas of how I could take a photo that was relevant to the film but was legal. An example of this is my The Girl On The Train review where I took a photo of a friend on a tram instead of using an image from the film.

In comparison to professional journalism work, I think that my portfolio isn’t to the same standard for many reasons. One reason is due to the lack of experience I have with writing journalistic. Also, because my stories weren’t news stories, they were mainly features, they didn’t have a lot in common with what a news journalist’s work would look like.

If I was to recreate my portfolio I would have done a few things differently, one being images. I would planned what articles I wouldn’t be able to take photos for, like film reviews, and would have done something else to accompany it. I would have also included a news story to make my portfolio a little different and so it didn’t have many features in it.