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5.2.1, 5.2.2 Radio Script and Vox Pop Interviews

To make my vox pops interviews, I created a question related to one of my news stories and then asked five people around college the question.

One problem I came across was when I was trying to collect my interviews from the microphone. I overcame this by asking the technician and finding out that I needed to turn the microphone off.

One key rule for writing a radio script is to use the five Ws and firstly write those into the script. If you have anymore free time, then you can add more information. Also, if you can’t say a complicated word, then you should try writing it phonetically. Another key rule is to not use abreviasions because the audience may not know what they mean.

One criticism of my script was that I said “striking ” too much. To improve my work, I re-worded the news story to take out the majority of times I said the word “striking”.



Cue in: Good afternoon, I’m Jess Bradley. (namecheck)

The government is imposing a 20% tax on sugary drinks and snacks in hospital cafes.

The tax is to combat obesity in the UK and has been backed by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

We asked students and staff if there should be a ban on the sale of sugary snacks in colleges.

Lilly Turner, 18, a public services student at Hillsborough said “……..”

OUT WORDS: Hillsborough said

DURATION: 21 seconds

This year, junior doctors are striking.

Since 12th January doctors across the country are striking due to being asked to work seven days a week.

This is the first strike by junior doctors in 40 years leading to 17 day surgeries and 180 outpatient appointments being cancelled in Hull and East Yorkshire.

OUT WORDS: East Yorkshire

DURATION:18 seconds

Since December, squirrels across Yorkshire are gaining weight.

Because of the warmer winter, squirrels have been eating their food storage as well as the food regularly available.

OUT WORDS: regularly available

DURATION: 9 seconds

Cue Out: This is Sound Radio

7.1.1 Issues related to media usage

What are some of the main issues related to general internet usage?

  1. addiction – in the UK, 2 out of 5 recognise they are spending too long on the internet, but admit that they can’t stop. 3 in 5 of us check the internet first thing in a morning and last thing at night. 9 out of 10 people would rather be surfing the web rather than reading a book.
  2. no privacy – ‘cookies’ track where we go everyday and our mobile phones log data about our movements every five seconds. We are always leaving digital breadcrumbs on our online travels. Every year, in the UK, we leave up to £5000 worth of data online which is sold to marketing companies and harvested, filtered and cross-referenced to provide detailed insight into our lives.
  3. online crime – in 1990 the NSPCC estimated there were 7000 images of child pornography at large and in 2014 the American law enforcement found 42 million images on one server. On Twitter, as a whole, people tweet 10,000 racist slur terms a day and 2000 tweets are sent containing the word rape. 69% of young people in the uk have experienced cyber bullying.


What percentage  of the world population use social media sites?

Company Info

Facebook = 1.36%

Instagram = 0.54%


What are some of the main issues related to social media use?

  1. Mental Health – research has been carried out on the affect of social media on teenagers. It has been revealed, through questionnaires/focus groups, that teens who use social media all the time are more than likely to have mental health problems.
  2. Cyber bullying – since social media has been increasingly popular, more and more people are being cyber bullied because it is easy to hide who you are on the internet and social media.



7.1.1 Website Analysis Powerpoint






7.2.1 Website Planning

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.13.05Here are a few design ideas for a website homepage.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.27.45

Masonary is blocks that are the same width apart but are different lengths. It is one of the mostly commonly used at it is used on Pinterest and Tumblr.


Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.29.05Metro is quite similar to masonry but the boxes are all different sizes and can take up as many columns as you want. Windows 10’s start menu uses the metro design.


Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.27.58

Grid is simply just squares of the same size. It is quite boring and an unpopular design. A website that uses

the grid design is food gawker.


Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.29.30

Column is also a simple design as it is rectangles of the same width and length on top of each other.

I have decided to use the Metro design as it would look the best as a website with images as most images are landscape. Also, you can change how many blocks you have on a row and you can change the size of the blocks to suit your needs.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 09.19.29

This is my site plan, including my home page and three page templates.

6.1.1 Researching Storyboards

To plan our video footage we need to create a storyboard, but before we actually create it we need to reach different types of storyboards.

Storyboards_AliceInWonderland.jpgThe first storyboard doesn’t have  an explanation for each scene.
Even though I like that it doesn’t have an explanation, I find that it should because it seems quite hard to follow. However, the drawings are extremely  detailed so you don’t need a really detailed explanation. Not having an explanation suits this storyboard as you can easily understand what is going to happen each shot because of the extreme amount of detail. Also, it includes a range of shots like long shot, medium shot and close up.

storyboardThe second storyboard isn’t as detailed as the first, so if it didn’t include  a description then it would be hard to follow. However, since it includes an explanation for each scene, even if they short and simple, it allows the drawings to be really simple and easy. This storyboard also includes a range of shots like long, close up and medium.

I have chosen this 3750735_002storyboard to show how easy and simple you can create a storyboard. But, this storyboard is slightly hard to understand because the drawings aren’t clear and the explanations are in the same box as the image which makes the storyboard hard to understand. Furthermore, it isn’t clear what types of shots are going to be used as all the drawings are to the same scale and doesn’t have an explanation of the different shots used.


By using different shots it makes the video more interesting and keeps the audience watching as it isn’t all take from one perspective. Also, different shots can show the audience how they are supposed to feel throughout, extreme close could mean intense. Furthermore, different shots could show that the scene is from different perspectives.



7.1.1 Comparative Analysis of Websites

The purpose of this website is for their customers to buy the products without having to go in-store. This is useful as you may not have a store near you, so you can buy the products on the website. The target audience for this site is predominantly females in the UK aged 14+, as well as male, as it is a site that  sells beauty and skincare products that would attract more females than males. Although, it does sell men products as well. Also, the audience would mainly have an interest in make up and skincare.


On this website they include pictures of the products, descriptions of each product on separate pages, articles and a section that can direct to certain based on your skin type. The design of the website is pretty simple with a black and white colour scheme.  The layout is slightly complicated as they are split into categories that could apply to multiple products. The text is easy to read as it is in big and clear fonts. Also, the most recent products and articles are on the homepage, so you can be kept up to date with the most recent things. The language is very simple as they use short simple words.

Contrasting Website –

I chose this website because it has completely different purpose to the body shop. While the body shop site is for selling products, BBC news broadcasts the news from all around the world. The BBC website targets their audience by having a simple, non distracting design and is purely just news. The website is more serious and mature as it doesn’t include vibrant colours, pop ups or anything too eye catching.


The BBC’s target audience is mixed gender age 16+ with an interest in current affairs and news and from all socio-economic status groups. The content of the website targets the audience as it is predominately news articles and news broadcasts with no distracting pop ups or icons. The colours on the site are plain and simple which doesn’t draw attention away from the news. Also, the language is formal and serious. It has a simple and easy layout and design to follow as it is set out in sections and those sections are split into countries to narrow down the news stories even further.


7.1.1 Website Analysis

Wierd Website

This website is purely for entertainment purposes. It is simple to use as you just move your mouse to create a rollercoaster made of lines. However, it doesn’t have anything else to it. There isn’t any information or anything else to do on the site. The website doesn’t have any standard features as it doesn’t include a homepage or navigation bar etc. On the other hand, it does have some unique features. One unique feature is the interactivity of the site.  I have not seen a website before that you can use your mouse to create a whacky rollercoaster. The media used in this site is games.

Good Website

The website is for you to see the universe and to learn about the stars and planets. This site is easy to use as you simply zoom in and out to focus on certain stars or parts of the universe.  One standard feature of this website is all the menus. A unique feature of this site is that you can tour the universe and see the stars and planets. Another  unique feature would be the interactivity of the site – being able to zoom in on stars/planets and see what they look like and where they are in the universe. Media used in this site includes text when you click on the stars/planets and images of the stars/planets.

There are many types of website layouts including:Metro Layout, Car Layout, Long Scroll, Cascade, Carousel, Responsive

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