December 2015



4.2.1, 4.2.2 Media Regulations in Our Work

When creating my double page spread I had to think of the legal and ethical issues. These include the defamation act, the editors code and copyright law.

For the defamation act, I had to make sure that if I wrote something that could potentially harm someone’s reputation, that I had proof. If I said something about Daniel Craig, I could potentially be sued for any damages caused to his reputation. With the editors code I didn’t have to think about it, this is because I didn’t photograph the celebrity. Also, I couldn’t put the interviewee’s address in my article as it would be a breach of privacy. Furthermore, I couldn’t have hacked into Daniel Craig’s phone to get more information. For the copyright law I had to make sure that any information I used off the internet I re-worded and not copy straight from the website. Penalties for breaking the copyright law could be 6 months incarceration and/or a fine up to £50,000 (magistrates court) or 10 years incarceration and/or an “unlimited fine” (Crown Court).

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 15.15.47.png


Quality of the article

The article is very detailed and has a lot of information about the actor. Also, it flows easily into the interview at the end and doesn’t have the simple structure of question, answer; it is laid out professionally.

The relevance of the topic

The article is very informative and has a lot of content about the actor as well as the film. Furthermore, the article is relevant to the time as it is about a recent film, not a film released a few years ago.

The quality of images

They look very professional and high quality. They are well lit, not blurry and look like they have been taken on a professional camera, not a phone.

The design

The colour scheme is really good – the black, red and white complement each other. It is a simple and easy to look at colour scheme, it isn’t overwhelming. The font is easy to read and the white text works well against the red and black image. Also, the layout is simple and set out in columns, instead of being bits of text everywhere on the page.

The title

It is a good pun and is humorous. Also, the title isn’t misleading – the article is about what the title says.

The main strengths

The main strengths include: images/photography, the written article, spelling and grammar. The images are relevant to the topic and are used well throughout the double page. Also, the article stays relevant to the topic of James Bond.

Areas for improvement

The article could be more about the film rather than Daniel Craig, even though it is a personality profile. Also, although there is an image on the page, the second page has a lack of colour.

Overall appeal for the target audience

The rating of the film is suitable for the target audience range. The target audience age range, 16-21 year olds, are more likely to go to the cinema, so if they are interested in the film, they will know more about the actor in it.



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