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Personality Profile – Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is going to be one of the new stars of upcoming film The Intern with Robert De Niro due to be released October 2.

Hathaway, 32, has starred in many films since 1999 from The Princess Diaries, The Devil Wears Prada and Les Miserables.

In this month’s Glamour Magazine Anne said that she has graduated from being Andy, the assisstant in  The Devil Wears Prada, to Jules, the founder of an online fashion start up.
The film is about a seventy something retired widow who is sick of retired life, so he takes a job as a senior intern at a fashion start up website.

Ben (Robert De Niro) is assigned to work with Jules (Anne Hathaway), who is skeptical of him to start with.

As well as The Intern, Anne’s other projects for this year included a one-woman off-Broadway play, Grounded, which she was “a beautiful and hard experience.”

Critics also called it “unnervingly gorgeous.”

Her film project for next year is Alice Through The Looking Glass.

Anne was born in Brooklyn, New York to Kate McCauley Hathaway, an actress, and Gerald T Hathaway, a lawyer.

In her early life Unknownshe attended Brooklyn Heights Montessori School and Wyoming Elementary School in Milburn.

She graduated Millburn High School where she was part of many school plays.

Her biggest school accomplishment was her perfromace as Winnifred in Once Upon a Mattress where she gained a Paper Mill Playhouse Rising Star Award nomination for best performace by  high school actress.

After high school she spet several semesters studying an English major with a minor in women’s studies at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York.

She later transferred to New York University’s Gallatin School go Individualised Study.

Her first major acting role came in the short-lived television series Get Real in 1999.

However, her breakthrough role was in 2001 where she starred as Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries and the 2004 sequel.

The film caused Hathaway to be nominated for a Teen Choice Award.

One of her biggest successes was the Oscar she won for best performance by an actress in a supporting role, as Fantine in Les Miserables.


The film also caused her to win a Golden Globe for best performace by an actress in a supporting role in a motion picture.

Anne Hathaway started dating actor Adam Shulman in November 2008 and the couple were engaged three years later.

On September 29th 2012, the movie star couple married in Big Sur, California.

Clearly the couple are happily married three years down the line as she said a Glamour Magazine journalist “I’m really lucky, I’m in a happy marriage. I feel like he’s my home.”

Photos From


Magazine Feature

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 13.45.53

This is a bulletin board of everyone’s feature synopsises in the class. This helped us to see what personality profiles we had to write based on our features.

There are many different types of features including: news backgrounder, follow-up feature, personality profiles, ‘ordinary’ people, specialist, reviews, how-to articles and opinions.

The Rule of Thirds

In photography there is a rule called the rule of thirds. This is where an image, portrait or landscape, is split into a 3×3 grid and most of the image is in two of the thirds. With a portrait image of a person, their eyes tend to be on the top line of the grid.

Composition is how we frame an image or photograph.


In this  photo, the eyes are on the first top line with the face split in two thirds and the right third of the image doesn’t contain a lot of the image.


In this landscape image most of the subject is in the right third and the left two thirds are filled with scenery that compliments the image.


In this landscape image most of the subject is in the vertical middle third of the image and the sea and the sky is in the top and bottom thirds.

I then went out with a student and took six images. Out of the six, here are the ones I think look the best:


In this photo, my model is mainly in the left and middle thirds of the guidelines. Personally, I like this image because the background behind the model isn’t as focused and clear as the model. However, next time I may crouch down and position the model more in between the left and middle third.

In this image the maIMG_0343jority of the model is the left and middle thirds. Although, there is a lot of space above the model’s head so when I next shoot the image I will maybe crouch down a little to minimise the amount of spaces above the model’s head.


I think this image could be improved as their is a lot of space above the models head and the image isn’t that close up. Also, the model isn’t in two thirds, she is in one, so there is a lot of space around her.


I then went out and reshot some more images. Here are the retakes:

I think this image is one of the best I have taken so far because it takes up two thirds and there isn’t space above the model’s head. Also, the image is well aligned as the eyes are on the first horizontal line and the chin is on the second line.


Out of the retakes I think this is one of the worst because it is too bright and has a shadow in the bottom third. However, the majority of the image is in two of the thirds.

News Story

In todays lesson we have looked at using direct and in-direct quotes within news stories. Below I have summarised a news story using the four paragraph rule, the five W’s and direct and in-direct quotes. Here is what I have done…

A competitor in the Oxshire Road Race Championship is lucky to be alive after he was involved in a hit and run yesterday.

Lance Anderson, 26, was ran over by two joyriders during the Oxshire Road Race Championship, in Oxdown.

Last year, Lance was runner-up in the race and was now favourite to win this year.

Lance said: “Cycling is the love of my life.”

A bystander, Joanne Pinto, witnessed the scene and said to me that she was walking with her sister when she was overtook by the cyclist and saw a red Ford Escort hurtle straight into the cyclist and drive off.

She said: “It was awful.He was blue and appeared to have stopped breathing.

“But I have had first-aid training. I checked his pulse and administered the kiss of life.

“To my immense relief, after a couple of minutes, he started to breathe and some colour returned to his face.”

Mrs Pinto later said that she phoned St Mary’s Hospital in Oxdown, and was told that Lance had multiple injuries and was critically ill; the resuscitation had saved him.

She was later told that the police had arrested the two joyriders and were questioning them.

Lance’s wife Pauline,24, later said about Mrs Pinto: “I can’t thank Mrs Pinto enough for what she did. The doctors are optimistic that Lance will pull through.”

1.2.1 Codes & Conventions of Magazines

The way magazines look is very important as that is what attracts the readers/buyers. Different colours, fonts and images catches different readers eyes, so each individual cover needs to represent its contents in different ways.



The masthead is in pink which can be associated with females. Also, the colour contrasts with the background making it stand out. Furthermore, the mast head is partially behind the model so it draws more attention to who is on the front cover. The name of the magazine also gives insight into what the who magazine is about. When you think “glamour”, you think of celebrities, designer clothing and high street clothing.

Cover Lines

The use of white not only contrasts with the background to draw attention to the cover, but also looks elegant and feminine. Also, they are set out around the model so it frames the model and draws attention to the image. The most interesting stories are included on the front cover so readers will be interested in buying and reading the magazine.


The font used through out is very simple and elegant which gives the connotation of a woman’s magazine as the majority of women magazines use simple and feminine fonts appose to male magazines that use more traditional and old fashioned fonts.

The Model

The model on the cover is who the main story is about, so by using that image it draws in the readers who are interested in that person. Also, Rihanna is wearing fashionable, on trend pieces of clothing which represents the magazine as it is predominately a female fashion magazine. Furthermore, the story about Rihanna I about her being “fearless” so her facial expressing represents that.


The colours on the front cover creates the connotation of femininity as pink is a feminine colour associated with women and girls and white is also a feminine colour as well as being elegant and classy. In addition, all the colours used contrast with each other making the whole cover stand out, as they are all bright and eye-catching colours.

Main Image

The main image is used to take up most of the cover to attract the readers attention and to make the magazine stand on the shelf. Also, Rihanna is looking directly into the camera to create a connection with the readers.


The date of the magazine is in a small faint font to make the cover look less cluttered, as a cluttered magazine won’t attract many readers. Also, it only says the month and year of the issue to not take up too much room on the cover.


The layout of the magazine is set out in thirds: the left is made up of dates and cover lines, the main image is in the middle and the right hand side is more cover lines. The use of clear columns gives the magazine a clear, professional and classy look.

User Generated Content

” User-Generated Content is the term used to describe any form of content such as video, blog, discussion form posts, digital images, audio files, and other forms of media that was created by consumers or end-users of an online system or service and is publically available to others consumers and end-users.” –

Positive Effects of User Generated Content

  1. You can create content to inform, educate or entertain your audience which you and readers can alter, change and update it.
  2. Users are able to share their own content or “pin” material from other websites or blogs, which is then organized into categories based on topic on sites like Pinterest.
  3. With social media sites you can share your photos, thoughts and videos for all your friends to see as well as talk to people all around the world.
  4. In internet forums you can talk to people and get their opinions on certain topics that not a lot of people know about.
  5. More than one person can contribute to a website
  6. Cheaper than professionally produced content

Negative Effects of User Generated Content

  1. Companies give up control to a certain extent. It gives the users more control on how the company or brand will look.
  2. Users aren’t as passionate about the content they are asked to create compared to professionals
  3. Content that is uploaded to sites like Wikipedia isn’t necessarily true or correct as other users can change it.
  4. People who create the content isn’t credited for their work

Websites I Like the Look of

  • it’s easy to navigate and find your way through the site
  • the colour scheme is simple
  • there are a lot of features for you to click on
  • everything is aligned
  • contains a range of topics

  • it includes clear and big images
  • easy to navigate through the site
  • the design and layout is simple

  • it includes a search bar so it is easy to navigate
  • the images are big and clear
  • the site is easy to understand and use
  • there is a lot interactions

1.2.1 Communication Methods in Journalism

There are many ways that the media communicate to their audience, such as:

  • advertisements
  • blogs/vlogs
  • social media
  • radio
  • magazines/newspapers
  • Tv
  • leaflets

Journalistic Communication Methods

Leaflets are away to inform and educate the target audience. You can get them in schools, doctors/hospitals, the internet an magazines. The codes of leaflets are formal and informal language, depending on your target audience, as well as bright eye-catching colours. The conventions include contact details, facts, subheadings, images and a title.

Radio News, like radio 4 and radio 5 live, is there to inform us of the international news. Also, it is there to educate as some radio stations have documentaries on them. The codes and conventions of radio news includes: spoken language, breaking news, travel updates, music and sport or business reports. Tv News, such as Look North and ITV News, is also there to inform us but with visual as well as speech. Tv codes and conventions include smartly dressed and well-spoken news readers, looking into the camera as if they are taking to the audience, headlines, video footage with anchorage and weather reports.

Websites/Blogs, including Tumblr, word press and blogger, are there to educate and entertain the readers. They are usually filled with a mixture of text and images as well as further links and personal opinions.

Newspapers are there to inform us of the daily or weekly news. Newspapers can be split into two categories, tabloids and broadsheets. Tabloids are aimed more towards 18-30 year olds and focus more on the gossip and are politically biased. Some examples of tabloids includes The Sun, The Daily Mail and The Daily Star. Broadsheets are aimed at 30+ year olds as they contain more information and an in depth insight into the news. Examples of broadsheets include The Telegraph and The Guardian. Broadsheet newspapers also tend to us more jargon as their target is 30+ middle-upper class people. The codes and conventions of a newspaper includes anchorage on images, large images, advertisements, title, date and price. With a tabloid, they take up most of the front page with an image and not include a lot of text, as well as having the price in a big font. However, broadsheet newspapers take up a third of the page with an image and then include a lot of writing and have the price in a small font.

Imagery In Journalism

Imagery is a major part of journalism as the photos and images, tell a story without any words. Also, they attract readers as people are more attracted to a magazine or newspaper with bright and eye catching images, instead of dull black and white stills.



In my opinion, this magazine is mainly aimed at teen girls between thirteen and sixteen years old because it’s main image is a pop singer and former Disney star. Also, the colours and text looks childish. Personally, I may buy the magazine as some of the subheadings down the sides interest me. Furthermore, the colours aren’t too childish (bright,clashing colours), they compliment each other. However, I don’t think this magazine is very sophisticated or mature.


I think that this magazine is aimed more at middle aged men who are able to spend money on a high end magazine as the front cover looks very sophisticated and masculine.
Also, the topics mentioned on the front cover are more to do with middle aged men than teen boys or young men. In my opinion, I like the look of the magazine as it looks very Unknown
modern and professional, as well as suitable for the age bracket. However, I wouldn’t buy this magazine for myself,even though I like different men’s style.



This cover is aimed more towards 16-25 year olds with an interest in fashion as it has multiple pages on clothing, both high end and high street; make up looks and a couple of pages to do with advice on sex. Also, the colour scheme is very feminine as it is bright pink and grey, where as a male magazine uses more masculine or unisex colours.

I would read this magazine as most of the topics in the magazine appeal to me and the cover is very eye catching.

In my opinion, this magazine is aimed towards music enthusiasts as a lot of the subheading are music related and the main image is of a hip-hop artist. The colour scheme of the magazine is very modern as it is mainly black and white with pops of bright colours.

Although I wouldn’t read this magazine, I really like the look of it as the colours and font appeals to me.


I think that this magazine is aimed more towards 25 – 45 year old women as it is a women’s fashion magazine but has clothing that is designer. Also, it is more of a professional magazine so women who earn a lot of money are more likely to but appose to a 16 year old. MoVogue-November-2011-Cover_bt_268x353reover, the look of the magazine is more classy and sophisticated as the model on the front cover  isn’t dressed in childish or provocative clothing and the colour scheme is simple. Also, the topics on the front cover are more to do with middle aged women than teenagers.

Personally, I wouldn’t buy this magazine as the clothing within the magazine isn’t affordable fashion for a teenager. However, if I was a middle aged woman who was able to afford the designer items, I may buy the magazine.

What I have learnt today

In my first production lesson since starting college I have learnt a great deal to do with journalism. We started off with the five W’s of writing a piece (who, what, where, when, why). We even read through an issue of Metro and summarised stories that caught our eye, using the five W’s. We then read through small articles and played spot the intro, where we had to find the most interesting part. Finally we read a story and created one sentence paragraphs including all the important and relevant information.

My One Sentence Paragraphs

A Sheffield vampire couple have made an unique request for a double coffin bed.

The coffin is made from oak and comes equipped with a memory foam mattress and red silk lining.

The couple, from Beauchief Sheffield, were measured from head – toe to fit into the £2000 bed.

It has been something they have always wanted and have saved up for over a year for the special request.

The couple, Justin and Marcia, had fangs fitted two years by their dentist and changed their surnames from Evans to Dracule.

I was careful not to include numbers. names or addresses in my first paragraph. but included it further down.

My Five W’s Summaries

Mayday! Mayday!

Chris Henkey ’63’. Saved 172 lives, when  he aborted take-off from McCarran International Airport on Tuesday.

Camerawoman sacked for tripping up and kicking refugees

Petra Laszlo,camerawoman at NITV, tripped up a Syrian refugee, whom was carrying  a child, and kicked a girl as they tried to cross the Serbia-Hungary border to seek asylum.

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